Opening the Door: Preparing for the Alberta Class 7 Licensing Test

Opening the Door is a program that addresses the difficulties experienced by youth when taking the Alberta Class 7 learners’ driving licence test, and will instill further knowledge and confidence in participants. The two most significant challenges for youth are testing anxiety and lack of sufficient preparation. Opening the Door will bring awareness of test anxiety to participants and provide strategies to combat the anxiety, and will prepare participants to maximize study materials to beat the preparation issue.

As learners are typically not experienced in driving, and as such unfamiliar with signage and appropriate driving activity. Through multimedia tools and interactive activities, participants will learn about the areas of the testing manual that typically are not within the scope of experience of non-drivers, such as traffic controls, lane driving, intersections and turns, and much more.

Opening the Door is instructed by an experienced traffic enforcement officer and former firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder. Years of patrolling Alberta highways and communities and responding to traffic collisions resulting in both injury and fatalities, we believe that the earlier intervention in early driving experience puts the driver ahead of the game in understanding the reality of driving, both the advantages and the risks.