Personal Development Programs

At PEACEMAN, we believe that everyone has the capacity to change in healthy and beneficial ways, be that personal changes to improve self-identity and self esteem, to work to improve managing one’s emotions, to improve one’s marriage or relationships, and to achieve a sense of self-satisfaction with life.  Our personal development programs are designed to bolster self – management and strong leadership as assets of positive personal development in your life.

The First Few Steps: Leadership Development Through Emotional Intelligence

PEACEMAN provides training in leadership development, managing and leading a team; understanding the role of the intricacies of the self and social effects on leadership; understanding the necessity of effective communication in order to sell organizational vision; and understanding the options available in order to effectively manage conflict. “The First Few Steps”  Leadership Program approaches leadership development from an Emotional Intelligence perspective, allowing participants to explore both interpersonal and extra-personal  qualities necessary in order to lead others.

PRYDE In Parenting

No parent is perfect… not the one that became a parent yesterday, or 15 years ago or 25 years ago. The cliché is that children are not born with manuals, but it’s so true. Parents face many challenges as they raise their children, and it can be a daunting task. But parents must hold onto the pride of being a parent, and focus on how to employ the principles of positive youth development. The PRYDE in this program is Positive and Resilient Youth Development Education, but this program came about from “pride” in being a parent.

In PRYDE in Parenting, we will learn about the 40 Developmental Assets, and how they contribute to young people who grow to thrive. These developmental assets are research based factors that contribute to the health and wellness, both physically and emotionally, of children during their developmental years. They also provide an effective road map on how to focus on the challenges faced by children, allowing participants to apply these assets in a custom look at their own families, providing guidance on how to carry on with creating a positive experience for their own children.

As we discuss the development of youth, we will also explore many of the challenges in raising children in this generation. We will discuss challenges with drugs, alcohol, and other addiction issues, teen relationships, mentorship, identity management, among a myriad of other issues faced by parents today.