The First Few Steps: Strengthening Emotional Intelligence in First Responders

    • “The info was really relevant to mental health.  It gets your mind going and thinking about what you can do to help.” Harold B.
    • “The instructor was real and easy to understand.  It’s nice to see someone talk openly about life facts.” Rachelle V.
  • “I believe this would be beneficial for spouses of first responders to help recognize the need for help.” Gerald L.

Built on the foundation of Peaceman Consulting’s presentation “Gently Used To Irreparably Broken“,  The “First Few Steps: Strengthing Emotional Intelligence for First Responders” is a 2-day workshop that explores the role of “self” in the myriad of dynamics of self-leadership necessary for today’s first responders.  While there are many management and leadership systems, most focus on the management side of the equation.  This program focuses on the development of the self by focusing on the individual and team levels in the first responder community, the role of “emotional intelligence”, barriers to wellness, and strategies to combat the accumulation of acute stress.

In this workshop, we work toward an understanding of the influences on behaviour, and explore causes of workplace trauma and the pre-incident indicators of mental health decline and crisis along the mental health continuum.  Together, we work together to explore our own individual strengths and challenges through the concept of “anima”: escaping the “box” of self deception and self betrayal.  Finally, we discuss toxicity and the role we play in it, and look to a healthier outlook on our lives as first responders.

Dean Young has served as a Peace Officer since 2009, and is currently serving with a rural county in Alberta.  A career protective services professional, Dean is a graduate of the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (Criminology Concentration) and Dalhousie University’s Certificate of Police Leadership (Service Deliver Concentration), and is currently pursuing graduate studies in public safety.  Dean has actively served in the private and public security arena, including four years as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder and served as a volunteer Peace Officer in Slave Lake, AB during the 2011 wildfire. His career in the protective services has resulted in a leadership program that address the inner working of leadership, and the role the self and mental equilibrium contribute to success as a first responder.  

If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot effectively lead others. Need help? Get help!