The First Few Steps: Exploring Emotional Intelligence in First Responders


Peaceman Consulting provides training in leadership development from one first responder to another.

The “First Few Steps: Developing Emotional Intelligence for First Responders” explores the role of “self” in the myriad of dynamics of self-leadership.  As Mark Sanborn states in his book “You Don’t Need a Title to Be a Leader (2006): “When you act as a leader, you exercise control over your life; this will naturally influence and inspire those around you. Relinquishing control of your life to external situations, circumstances and culture is the opposite.”

While there are many management and leadership systems, most focus on the management side of the equation.  This program focuses on the development of the self by focusing on the ABLE model of Leadership (Anima Based Leadership Evolution) in the first responder arena, the role of “emotional intelligence”, and barriers to effective leadership.

Program objectives include:

  • Understand Emotional and Social Intelligence: the biological and social influences on behaviour
  • Explore causes of workplace trauma and the pre-incident indicators of mental health decline and crisis along the mental health continuum
  • Work together to explore our own individual strengths and challenges through the concept of “anima”: escaping the “box” of self deception and self betrayal
  • Discuss toxicity and the role we play in it

Professional objectives:

  • Work together to explore our own individual strengths and challenges amongst our peers in a safe and understanding environment
  • Network with new peers and colleagues
  • Open ourselves to the concept of anima when considering our future performance, whether in a leadership role or not
  • Enhance our personal and professional tools that contribute to both job and lifestyle satisfaction

Dean Young has served as a Peace Officer since 2009, and is currently serving with a rural county in Alberta.  A career protective services professional, Dean is a graduate of the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology (Criminology Concentration) and Dalhousie University’s Certificate of Police Leadership (Service Deliver Concentration).  Dean has actively served in the private and public security arena, including four years as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder and served as a volunteer Peace Officer in Slave Lake, AB during the 2011 wildfire. His career in the protective services has resulted in a leadership program that address the inner working of leadership, and the role the self and mental equilibrium contribute to success as a first responder.  

If you cannot lead yourself, you cannot effectively lead others.