Order Out of Disorder: Encountering and Recovering from Workplace Violence

Peaceman Consulting specializes in workplace security programming.  In light of recent commercial robberies in rural areas, and the rising incidents of workplace violence, staff should be trained to safely manage threats encountered while at the workplace. Such conflict can come via a robbery, from a disgruntled customer or from an internal staff conflict. Order Out of Disorder provides participants with information about the prevalence of workplace violence in Alberta and Canada. We discuss robbery awareness and how to maximize the impact of the witness information, and different strategies to respond to an active threat on the premises. We also discuss strategies to increase the survival of workers in the event of a deadly threat presenting itself in the workplace.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Alberta Statistics of Workplace Violence
  • Characteristics of robbery
  • Strategies for the business owner
  • Strategies for the employee
  • Increasing the survivability of an armed attacker