Emptying the Sails: Risk Reduction Through Confrontation Management

Peaceman Consulting specializes in workplace security programming. One of the most common concerns in business is how to effectively manage unruly customers.  In Emptying the Sails, participants will explore understanding the nature of anger and the techniques that staff can use to manage their own stress during an incident.  We will identify the five conflict management styles and know how to select the conflict management style or styles best suited to a particular conflict situation, basic criteria for effective communication in a conflict or crisis situation, including the use of proxemics and effective listening, and will identify effective verbal communication techniques for intervention in a crisis.  All of which will provide effective strategies for the de-escalation of crisis situations.

Topics of discussion:

  • Common causes of crisis
  • Conflict management styles
  • Recognizing crisis
  • Proxemics, body language and quality of speech
  • Barriers to communication and effective listening
  • Crisis management development