Business Crime Prevention Audit



How will my business benefit from a Business Crime Prevention Audit?

A Business Crime Prevention Audit will provide you with an improved environment that not only can deter unsociable activity in and near your business, but can also strengthen any security planning already in place.  Such audits may lead to reductions in insurance rates due to improved security and a reduction of potential liability.  Having an audit completed can also lead to a lowered perception of risk in and near your business, which can lead to increased patronage.


How do Business Crime Prevention Audits work?

A Business Crime Prevention Audit involves one or more site visits to your property.  During the site visit, your analyst will take photos and/or video of the area (don’t worry… confidentiality is maintained with all media), and a comprehensive itemized assessment form will be completed.  The analyst will evaluate all data gathered, and may include other available information from the community level (traffic statistics, crime statistics, planning and development, local bylaws, etc). These findings will be applied to the recommendations to be provided.


What sort of things are assessed during a Business Crime Prevention Audit?

  • Natural Surveillance: to see and being seen through urban design. existing architecture and landscaping
    Natural Access Control:  To create clear separation of public and private through spatial definition, planning, and landscape design
  • Territorial Reinforcement:  Using the natural environment to enhance ownership through architectural features, pavement treatments, landscape,  layout of the site, and signage
  • Maintenance:  Physical and aesthetic condition of the property
  • Activity Support: Bringing or enticing activities that enhance your service or product, and increased population in and near your business exposes customers who may never have had cause to visit.

Do I get an official report?

Yes, you will receive a comprehensive report complete with photos to enhance the findings and recommendations of the analyst.


Does CPTED only work on existing areas?

No, CPTED is designed to be utilized from the earliest point of conceptualization of a project, applied during the planning and architectural stages of development, as well as pre-existing areas.  Peaceman Consulting is able to provide consultations with developers, builders and property owners to determine if CPTED planning is warranted.  While it is the easiest to apply CPTED principles during the planning stages, it can be just as effective to apply the principles following completion of the area development.


How do I register for an audit?

This is the easiest part!  Just click on our “Contact Us” tab and fill out the contact form.  You will receive a call from an analyst and the process has begun!