Hit the Road: ESCAPE to Safe Driving Habits

“Hit the Road” is a novice driver’s program that will prepare the young driver to work to overcome the lifestyle identified as the most at-risk for driving related danger.  Motor vehicle collisions remain elevated among novice teen drivers for a least several years after licensing.  Licensing policies and driver education are the two primary countermeasures employed to decrease young driver collision risks.

“Hit the Road” is instructed by an experienced traffic enforcement officer and former firefighter and Emergency Medical Responder.  Years of patrolling Alberta highways and communities and responding to traffic collisions resulting in both injury and fatalities, we believe that the earlier intervention in early driving experience puts the driver ahead of the game in understanding the reality of driving, both the advantages and the risks. Knowledge is power!

Programming includes:

  • Learning about novice driver research
  • Learning about licensing
  • Learning about the driver tests
  • Learning about courtesy, respect and patience while behind the wheel
  • Learning about common offences
  • Learning about getting through traffic stops
  • Learning about the traffic court process